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29 juli, 2015
Open STE training at Etteplan on October 20-21
On October 20 & 21, 2015, Etteplan Netherlands is organizing another open training on how to author in Simplified Technical English.
During this 2 day course, you will learn how to write in a clear, concise and consistent way, which can result in the following benefits for your organization:
30 juni, 2015
Etteplan acquires Thesus Talking Image

Etteplan acquires Thesus Talking Image, a Dutch company specialized in advanced visual instructions and technical illustrations.  

Etteplan and Thesus Talking Image have come to an agreement according to which the business operations of Thesus Ti will be transferred to Etteplan. The agreement will become effect on July 1, 2015. Thesus Ti’s five experts will continue as Etteplan’s employees.

18 mei, 2015
Webinar: Ontdek hoe doelstellingen van technische documentatie tegen de laagst mogelijke kosten bereikt kunnen worden!

Vrijdag 29 mei 2015 om 10.00 uur

Bedrijven zijn zich steeds meer bewust van het belang van kwalitatief hoogwaardige technische documentatie gedurende de gehele levenscyclus van producten. Maar hoe zorg je er nou voor dat de doelstellingen van technische documentatie tegen de laagst mogelijke kosten bereikt kunnen worden?
Meld je aan voor deze webinar! Klik hiervoor op onderstaande link:


02 april, 2015
Etteplan in Dutch televison program Ondernemerszaken (RTL7, RTLZ)

The Dutch television program Ondernemerszaken (Business affairs) featured Etteplan during the broadcast on April 12 at 12:30 on RTL 7.
Watch it online: https://youtu.be/pRH6w3FTlXA

22 januari, 2015
Etteplan signs global outsourcing agreement with Husqvarna Group

- The agreement marks a major achievement for Etteplan in terms of growing the company’s technical documentation business through outsourcing.

12 december, 2014
Etteplan | Tedopres becomes Etteplan

Starting January 1, 2015, Etteplan | Tedopres will be Etteplan. The Etteplan | Tedopres brand was created in 2012 as a result of Etteplan acquiring Tedopres.

This marks a historic moment for Tedopres, which celebrated its 40 year anniversary this year, as we look forward to the next 40 years as part of the growing Etteplan family.

07 november, 2014
Etteplan | Tedopres releases HyperSTE 6.0 with new feature for centralized terminology management

HyperSTE 6.0 introduces new features and compatibility with new authoring environments.

What’s new in HyperSTE 6.0:

07 november, 2014
Etteplan expands in China

- A new office in Suzhou will be opened to support continuous growth.

Etteplan is opening a new office in Suzhou, China. The new office will serve local and Western customers with engineering and technical documentation services. One of the first customers in the Suzhou office is Philips Healthcare.

14 oktober, 2014
Vestas selects HyperSTE to ensure high quality technical documentation

Etteplan and Vestas have agreed to cooperate in the area of technical documentation.

01 september, 2014
Open STE training at Etteplan | Tedopres October 1-2

On October 1 & 2, 2014, Etteplan | Tedopres is organizing another open training on how to author in Simplified Technical English.

During this 2 day course, you will learn how to write in a clear, concise and consistent way, which can result in the following benefits for your organization:

01 september, 2014
Etteplan | Tedopres to speak at TEKOM Europe Roadshow 2014

The TEKOM Europe Roadshow will take place in Eindhoven on September 12 at the Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne. This one day event will include a diversified program with the main focus on TechComm Processes and Intelligent Publishing covering all branches.

15 mei, 2014
Fortum Hydro outsources documentation management to Etteplan
Press release

- After the new agreement Etteplan is responsible for technical and real estate documentation in Fortum Hydro and Fortum Heat.

Etteplan has signed a three-year outsourcing agreement with Fortum to manage Fortum Hydro’s technical documentation function in Sweden.

05 mei, 2014
Webinar: The importance of content quality

Title: The importance of content quality as part of your content strategy

05 mei, 2014
Etteplan | Tedopres releases HyperSTE 5.5 with enhanced features and support for Oxygen

HyperSTE 5.5 introduces support for Oxygen and shows some enhanced features to support automated terminology management.

What’s new in HyperSTE 5.5:

30 april, 2014
Etteplan becomes engineering service partner to MacGregor in China

Etteplan and MacGregor strengthen cooperation on the growing Chinese market.

Etteplan has signed a long-term engineering agreement with MacGregor for providing MacGregor’s engineer-to-order projects in China for hatch cover projects.

20 februari, 2014
Steris Finn-Aqua aiming at highest quality in technical product information

Steris Finn-Aqua has acquired Etteplan’s Hyper STE software to produce technical writing according to the ASD-STE100 specification. The software will be used to write the user manuals of the company’s multiple effect water still system and other products.

Steris Finn-Aqua is the fully owned subsidiary of Steris, a global leader in infection prevention, contamination control and surgical & critical care technology.

12 februari, 2014
Open Simplified Technical Training, 24 & 25 February, 2014

On February 24 and 25, 2014, Etteplan | Tedopres will organize an open training at its Best (Netherlands) offices on how to write in Simplified Technical English (STE). The use of STE results in multiple benefits, including:

30 januari, 2014
Etteplan | Tedopres assists Qimarox with maximizing the value of its user and service manuals

Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems. As a manufacturer of, among other things, palletisers and vertical conveyors, Qimarox distinguishes itself by its contemporary vision and approach, in which innovation, quality, and added value are of paramount importance.

To goal was to create a set of professional installation, user and service manuals that are easy to understand, where information is easy to find, and where updates and revisions can be done quick and easy.

07 november, 2013
The future of Technical Product Information - Etteplan participates in TIC2013, Nov 13-14 in Stockholm, Sweden

Etteplan participates in TIC2013 – a conference for companies working with technical documentation and who want to develop and improve efficiency in their technical documentation processes.

29 oktober, 2013
November 19, Webinar - Your Content Matters!

Title:    Your Content Matters!
Date:    Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Time:    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET, 10:00 AM - 11: 00 AM EST, 7:00-8:00 AM PST

02 oktober, 2013
Technische documentatie: wat is de Machinerichtlijn?

Er worden steeds hogere eisen gesteld aan de technische informatie en communicatie over technologie en producten. Als een technische handleiding niet goed is, kan het een reden zijn voor een rechtszaak vanwege CE- of productaansprakelijkheid. Begeleidende documentatie bij een (export)product ziet men vaak als een noodzakelijk kwaad. Echter, volgens EU richtlijnen is het verplicht om documentatie (handleiding en/of gebruiksaanwijzingen) te leveren bij een exportproduct. 

25 september, 2013
Waarom uw documentatie er toe doet

Productdocumentatie wordt nog vaak als bijproduct gezien. In het ideale geval kan dat ook: voor een veilige machine, die intuïtief te bedienen en onderhoudsvrij is, is geen handleiding nodig. De praktijk is echter anders.

18 september, 2013
Simplified Technical English Training 14 + 15 okt

Hoe duidelijke en transparante documentatie leidt tot kostenbesparing, kwaliteitswaarborging en een tevreden eindgebruiker!

11 september, 2013
Uw documentatie doet ertoe! Bekijk onze Controlled Language film.

Bekijk onze Controlled Language film.

12 augustus, 2013
Free webinar: Controlled Language-It's What's Between The Tags That Matters

Join our free webinar on controlled language on August 22, 2013, 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

29 juli, 2013
Etteplan | Tedopres to speak at Tekom TCWorld Germany 2013

We will host a presentation on this year's conference. The topic will be: Providing Exceedingly Useful Documentation To Field Service Personnel.

17 juli, 2013
Etteplan | Tedopres releases HyperSTE 5.0 with support for ASD-STE100 Issue 6 and new authoring applications

HyperSTE 5.0 is a major update introducing support for new authoring applications, including MadCap Flare and Oxygen. In addition, HyperSTE now fully supports Issue 6 of the ASD-STE100 specification.

15 juli, 2013
Controlled Language with Simplified Technical English: How to Integrate the HyperSTE plug-in in Flare

Through the integration of the Flare API and HyperSTE, the leading quality assurance software for standardized documentation, authors can now validate the language and terminology used in their Flare content.  This ensures use of standardized vocabulary and style– improving consistency, eliminating ambiguity and reducing complexity.

27 juni, 2013
Fortum Värme outsources technical documentation to Etteplan

Etteplan has signed a three-year outsourcing agreement with Fortum Värme that covers the unit responsible for technical documentation. The contract signing was preceded by a tender process. AB Fortum Värme is a Fortum company, owned jointly with the City of Stockholm.

06 juni, 2013
Sponsor of Congility 2013

We are sponsor of Congility S1000D and Content Agility 2013 and will speak on both events.

27 mei, 2013
Webinar: Single Source Publishing in STE - Integration of HyperSTE in Madcap Flare

Join the free Etteplan | Tedopres webinar with MadCap: Single Source Publishing in STE - Integration of HyperSTE in Madcap Flare

16 mei, 2013
Etteplan | Tedopres and MadCap Software Partner to Enable Single-Source Publishing of Simplified Technical English

Launch of Etteplan | Tedopres HyperSTE Plug-in for MadCap Flare Empowers Authors to Write STE Content Once and Deliver it in the Format and Language of Readers' Choice

08 mei, 2013
Etteplan | Tedopres hoofdsponsor van TCWorld Roadshow

Wij zijn hoofdsponsor van TCWorld Roadshow Eindhoven en zal tevens een presentatie geven over interactieve (onderhouds)informatie op tablets.

07 mei, 2013
Simplified Technical English training

Etteplan | Tedopres organiseert een 2-daagse open Simplified Technical English (controlled authoring) training.

29 april, 2013
Etteplan | Tedopres publiceert artikel in Fenedexpress

Etteplan | Tedopres publiceert artikel in Fenedexpress, het maandblad van Fenedex.

12 april, 2013
Etteplan | Tedopres wint NVSM Innovatie Award voor haar HyperSIS Service Information System

De award versterkt Etteplan’s positie als vooraanstaande service provider van technische productinformatiediensten in de onderhoudsindustrie.

29 maart, 2013
HyperSTE ondersteunt Issue 6 van ASD-STE100, nieuwe XML editors

Updates in HyperSTE software en trainingsmateriaal ter ondersteuning van Issue 6 van de ASD-STE100 specificaties.

21 maart, 2013
Article in ISTC Communicator magazine

Etteplan | Tedopres published an article in the Spring 2013 issue of the ISTC Communicator magazine.

11 maart, 2013
Artikel in Link Magazine

Artikel in Link Magazine: Innoveren in technologie, management en marketing; in aanloop naar de Maintenance NEXT 2013 beurs

05 maart, 2013
Neem deel aan ons webinar over Simplified Technical Illustrations op 28 maart

Neem deel aan het Etteplan | Tedopres webinar op 28 maart, 16:00 uur en kom alles te weten over efficiënte en interactieve (technische) illustraties.

05 februari, 2013
Bezoek ons 7 feb op het Service & Maintenance Congres

Bezoek ons 7 februari op het SMC te Breda.

30 januari, 2013
Free webinar: EASE - A Case Study on the successful implementation of Simplified Technical English

Join our free webinar on controlled authoring, with an Elekta case study. Februari 14, 5PM CET - 11AM EST - 8AM PST

20 december, 2012
London Cabs, Zoomlion and IHC Hydrohammer: latest Etteplan | Tedopres projects

London Cabs go green! 

The famous London Cabs are going to change! Its characteristic look remains the same, but underneath the ‘hood’ something will change. The cabs will be transformed to electric cabs. Its current engine and its peripheral equipment will be replaced with an electric engine, battery and peripheral equipment.
Etteplan | Tedopres created:

19 december, 2012
Etteplan | Tedopres celebrates HyperSTE’s most successful year to date

As the year is coming to an end we are pleased to announce that 2012 has been HyperSTE’s most successful year to date. HyperSTE is the leading tool for ensuring content quality in technical authoring. Benefits include clarity and consistency in technical documentation as well as considerable translation cost savings.

In recent months we have welcomed Lantech, Design Rendezvous, Laser Imaging Systems (an Orbotech company), Sonovision, Ingersoll Rand, Honeywell International and Crown Equipment as new HyperSTE users.

16 november, 2012
Neem deel aan ons webinar over Simplified Technical Illustrations

Schrijf u in voor ons webinar op 6 december 4 PM CET / 10 AM EST en kom alles te weten over efficiënte en interactieve (technische) illustraties.

29 augustus, 2012
Etteplan chosen as Vacon’s main partner in technical product information

Vacon is making use of Etteplan’s advanced methods to ensure that the company’s high-quality technical product information solutions stand out in its global operations.

22 augustus, 2012
Join Etteplan | Tedopres for a free webinar on controlled authoring

Join our webinar on September 11th, 9 AM EST, on controlled authoring with our HyperSTE checker software.

06 augustus, 2012
Case Study - HyperSTE for Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce North America, located in Indianapolis, is a trusted leader for land, sea and air power solutions worldwide. Rolls-Royce uses HyperSTE to ensure compliance of its technical publications with ASD Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100).

06 augustus, 2012
White Paper 'Applying Simplified Technical English to your Content' out now

We are pleased to announce the release of our new White Paper 'Applying Simplified Technical English to your Content, the HyperSTE Framework'.


28 juni, 2012
Free Webinar: "The Roadmap to a Classic S1000D Implementation."

Join Tedopres and our partner Absolute Data Group for this FREE informative webinar.

04 juni, 2012
Tedopres at Information Energy, June 8

Tedopres will speak at the Information Energy 2012 - Leading Conference on Innovation in Knowledge and Information Exchange, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

23 mei, 2012
2-day Simplified Technical English (STE) Training

Etteplan | Tedopres organizes a 2-day training, in which you learn how to write technical English in a clear, concise and consistent way.

21 mei, 2012
New, distinguished and innovative projects by Tedopres

Read here about some of the projects Tedopres recently delivered to its customers.

15 mei, 2012
Etteplan | Tedopres helps new clients COMAC, ST Marine and Honeywell to deliver quality content

We are pleased to welcome COMAC, ST Marine, Honeywell Aerospace, Air France-KLM Cargo, AVTech and additional divisions at Lockheed Martin as new HyperSTE users. 

26 april, 2012
Free Webinar: "Simplified Technical English and S1000D. The perfect match!"

Simplified Technical English (STE) calls for S1000D, another international specification, which is a method of writing that makes technical English easy to understand. 

10 april, 2012
Join our FREE webinar on interactive content

Join the Etteplan | Tedopres webinar on April 19, 2012, and learn all about efficient content creation and how to make your content future-proof.

05 april, 2012
Tedopres publishes article in the CIDM newsletter

Tedopres article ‘Efficiency in Technical Information Development’ published in CIDM’s Best Practices. The April issue of CIDM’s Best Practices newsletter features an article by Brian Gajadhar on the key elements for efficient technical information development.

04 april, 2012
Tedopres aanwezig op NLDITA Tools 2012

Bezoek het NLDITA Tools 2012 event en ontdek de interactieve wereld van content publicatie op tablets met de Tedopres HyperSIS tool.

13 maart, 2012
Etteplan acquires Tedopres International

Etteplan Oyj, based in Finland, has acquired Tedopres International. The combination of Etteplan and Tedopres will result in a unique technical product information concept for the markets in which both companies operate. Our customers will be able to benefit from this concept, as it will provide the highest quality and effiency in services and products in the world of technical information.

17 februari, 2012
Looking for technical authors
As part of our continued growth strategy we’re currently looking for technical authors to join our team of technical documentation experts.
Tedopres continues its growth in being market leader in the Benelux, when it comes to technical documentation, Simplified Technical English and after-sales solutions.

We’re looking for professionals who combine commercial and technical insights with good communication skills; professionals who are able to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.